On this blog, I like to write about my experiences as a German in the United States. I will focus on cultural differences between both countries and also cover some strange aspects in the US. Another point of interest is travelling around and visiting many parts of the States. In context of travelling I found some interesting blogs for visiting Germany and the United States which provides some service information. Here are three of my favourite travel blogs.



This german blogdomain is registered on Frank Ulrich. In this blog the editorial staff members write about different topics concerning the United States. There are regular posts at the end of every month about upcoming events happening in the US this month. In February for example zeitgeistusa.de announces the Super Bowl at February 2nd, Valentin’s Day at 14th and the Oscars at February 26th. This blog is really helpful for being up to date about special events Americans certainly know, but people from Europe may not. In addition, there are many information about getting a US-Visa and places of interest all around the US.



In their blog the British writer Andrew Eames, his German college Barbara Geier and other authors write about traveling through Germany. They give information on destinations and inspirations in all parts of Germany and offer interesting places to visit beside the cliché of beer, autobahn and bratwurst. In addition to those travel information, the writers also cover different topics concerning Germany and foreign people living there.



Caroline Eubanks is a travel writer who writes about her experiences in many different states and countries. On her “Life List” you can see that she has been to almost 50 countries around the world. One of these destinations were of course the United States where she has been to almost half of all states. In her blog, she describes several places of interest in every region she visits. She also went to Memphis and wrote about famous places like Beale Street, Graceland or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Besides reporting on special cities I like her illustrated article about strange food in foreign countries.


Sky above Memphis, Photo: Philipp Saul


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