Better than expected

reThe big favorite against the small neighbor. When France plays against Luxembourg, then the winner seems clear. In the table of the world cup qualifying group A, France was far better than Luxembourg. In front of 8.000 spectators at the Josy Bartel stadium, Luxembourg played without big names as usual.

In contrast, the French team was filled with international top stars. The starting offensive had more talent than most other nations.

But Luxembourg did not want to hide. With an offensive formation that included two strikers, they took an active part in the game, attacked their opponents often insted of barricading themselves in their own half.

Luxembourg did not try to keep the ball with long passes away from their own goal. With short passes, they wanted to combine forward, but because the Luxembourg players were technically limited, bad passes could lead to quick counter attacks.

Unfortunately, Luxembourg suffered a setback after just 21 minutes. Goalkeeper Anthony Moris had to be replaced.

Second Goalkeeper Ralph Schon conceded a goal only a few minutes later. He had no chance against Olivier Giroud, who made his first goal in the world cup qualifying.

Minutes later, Matuidi fouled da Mota Alves in the box, giving Luxembourh the opportunity to tie the game with a penalty shot. Joachim stepped up and gave Hugo Lloris no chance with a shot in the lower left corner

But Luxembourg’s joy did not last long. In the 37th Minute, Treimanis once again gave a penalty. The attacking strong Sidibé came into the penalty area from the right and was fouled by da Mota Alves. Keeper Schon anticipated the ball but was not able to deflect it.

After the goal, Luxemburg remained offensive and played forward on the French goal, but there was always the danger, that France countered and increased to 1-3.

The second half was much duller than the first one. France was in front with only one goal and when the strong offensive Sidibé had to leave the field because of an injury, Luxembourg had hope again.

However, hope did not last long because in the 77. minute, France scored 1:3 and decided the game.

After the goal, France only controlled the game and Luxembourg was not able to take on bigger chances. After the final whistle, the Luxembourg players immediately focused on the next objects.

Overall, Luxembourg played with a lot of effort and made it more difficult for the favorite than expected.

After the 3:1 win in Luxembourg, France jumped on the first place in group A with 13 points and has good chances to qualify for the 2018 world cup in Russia. Luxembourg stays at the last place with only one point.


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