At the wrong airport

Have you ever been to Chicago, Illinois? For one or two days? A week or maybe more? Did you go to the Millennium Park to take funny photos in front of The Bean? Did you walk alongside the Chicago River going the River Walk eastbound to the Lake Michigan? If you spend some time in…Read more At the wrong airport


Making memes going viral

Thousands of retweets, countless likes and shares by prominent people. It is the dream of many users in social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to create a content that goes viral. Last week, I tried the same. I wanted to share my opinion with the whole world. In reaction to the gift attack in…Read more Making memes going viral

Pulisic’s premiere

Christian Pulisic plays the best phase in his career. The 18 years old American international scored or assisted in almost every game in the past weeks. For his German club Borussia Dortmund, he just made his first goal in the European Champions-League. In the round of sixteen rematch against Benfica Lisbon on Wednesday, when Dortmund…Read more Pulisic’s premiere

Looking for a Trump supporter

I have talked to many to find the ones I have been looking for: I met students and taxi drivers, religious people and party people. We spoke about America and Germany, about politics, society and sports. But it took more than two months in the United States, to find someone who reveals himself as a…Read more Looking for a Trump supporter

Abolish the Second Amendment!

It did not take more than 45 hours since I arrived to see one of the most disturbing American stereotypes perfectly fulfilled. On my second day in Memphis, Tennessee, a local student invited me and my German fellow students to visit the pyramid in downtown Memphis. It houses the world’s largest Bass Pro Shops on…Read more Abolish the Second Amendment!

Blogwatch: Traveling

On this blog, I like to write about my experiences as a German in the United States. I will focus on cultural differences between both countries and also cover some strange aspects in the US. Another point of interest is travelling around and visiting many parts of the States. In context of travelling I found…Read more Blogwatch: Traveling